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Urology Service in Teesside

Tees Urology is a Private Specialist Service provided  by Mr Manohar Jesuraj, Consultant Urological Surgeon.

We take pride and consider it as a great honour to serve our patients coming from Teesside (Middlesbrough & Stockton on Tees)  and rest of  North-East England seeking help for various urological problems.

Couple from all over United Kingdom and abroad come to receive our Advanced Multilayer Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversal service  which is unique in the UK.

Urology consultant

Covid-19 Update about our services

We are pleased to announce that our services are running at full capacity with covid safe precautions as recommended by the Department of Health and Public Health England with the applicable guidance specific to Healthcare premises. 

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering the highest quality clinical care to our patients by using ethical and evidence based practice in urology.

We promote full patient partnership in treatment decisions and help patients make their own choices about their treatment from the options available.

We seek help from other colleagues when appropriate and work as teams to achieve excellent standards of care for our patients.

Our Standards

We are determined to provide our services as quickly as possible which means you will be offered appointment to see the consultant within a week (usually days) and have your tests and treatments within a month (usually weeks)

We will be transparent about the costs of the services provided and for those insured patients our charges are within the recommended limits of the recognised private medical insurers

We will communicate with your General Practioners within days and you will recieve the copies of all our communications

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Diseases & Treatments

Vasectomy Reversal
About 6% of men regret their decision about vasectomy and the good proportion of them seek reversal. We offer state of the art gold standard microsurgical vasectomy reversal.

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Bladder Issues

Over Active Bladder: This is a symptom complex that include the cardinal symptom of urgency with frequency and nocturia in the absence of any urethral or bladder pathology.

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Prostate Problems
This includes conditions affecting the prostate such as age related benign enlargement, infections, and cancer of prostate.

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Female Incontinence

Patients usually present with the symptoms of leakage of urine that may be associated with urge (urge incontinence) or associated with situations like coughing, sneezing, effort and exertion (stress incontinence). Sometimes, both features may be present.

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Genital Conditions
These are the conditions affecting the male genitals such as problems with foreskin, infections, injuries and bends of the penis.

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Male Sexual Dysfunctions

Male sexual health is an important issue that influence the quality of life of men. The risk of erectile dysfunction increases from the age of 40. In this section we will discuss the diagnosis and management of Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful conditions, Peyronie’s disease and coital penile injury.

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Better Clinical Care is Our Mission

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